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Power Your Best Work with ZE Rugged Tab

Wherever work takes you, no matter the conditions,perform your best.

True mobility is designed specifically for your environment, applications and challenges-whether inside your own workplace or outside in the harsh elements. Here's how ZE Rugged Tab can give you the performance edge for your industry.

Get Expert Advice on Ruggedness to Find Your Real Need

Are you also risking over or under-specifying your rugged tech?

ZE Rugged introduces "Precision Rugged", based on years of supplying and servicing rugged for a whole range of clients and applications. Specified so that you can, literally, bet your business on your device.

A System of Precision Devices Tuned To Your Need

ZE Rugged Tablets, Mobiles and Notebooks are specified to meet the particular needs of every industrial vertical. Years of marketing and servicing experience have gone into their configuration, specification and build detail.

ZE Rugged Android and Windows Tablet also features heavy duty and durable devices that can be used as an Android or Windows tablet, or as a Windows PC with GPS and a barcode reader / scanner to work with more efficiency than before.

Our Products

Designed From Experience Built For Uptime

ZE Rugged is a leading supplier of rugged technologies, devices and solutions to a variety of clientele across Asia, now Europe that includes Military, Police, Energy, Construction, Pharmaceuticals and more.

ZE Rugged Tablet is also available with Android or Windows 10 Pro, is a Windows PC and GPS that is also equipped with a barcode reader and scanner.